Poppin'Off with Annie Donley!

Poppin Off is a late nnight talk show I sometimes host on BRIC TV. For tickets to the next taping, leave a comment in the guestbook!


Past Episodes:






Annie's Other Upcoming Shows!!

**ATTENTION!! Due to me having a baby I will not be in as many shows these days . While I am happty for a child I hope I don't lose my sense of self. '


*TV Dinner - Every Thursday @10:30pm;
Venue: The Brick, NY

*I am not Your Uber - 7/11 @8pm
Venue: Union Hall, NY

*Dr's Appt - 7/12 @6pm;

*Having a baby - 7/21 @??? pm
Venue: Mt. Sinai

*Dr's appt - 8/3 @1:50pm

*Daylight Savings time begins - 3/11


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A word on improv:
Improv is a comedy art form usually played in groups. There are two types of players in each group: the funny player and those who are the more organised of the team (which is needed bc of all of the practices. you do. ) I find myself as a healthy mixture of both. Teh most important thing about improv is fun and form! my favorite team to play on was the "Buttuckers, Rawk!" Another improtant thing about improv is to not get mad when things don't go your way . Ive seen grown men and women act very strangley when there joke doesn't work! Follow these simple rules and you are on a ship sailed for success in improv show business!