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What goes up must come down. Unless u take VIAGRA!!!

Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy...just liek a drunk dad!

Feed a man a fish feed him for a day . TEACH a man to fish, well thats a straight-up MIRACLE, honey!!!

husband: (to wife) Get a boob job!
wife: (to husband) Get a prick implant!
child: Merry Christmas??


Hell...if men are from Mars, then beam me DOWN, SOCTTY!!!!!


Things that are funny
-Dumb ppl


Better yet.... don't talk to me AFTER my coffee either!



An idea for a funny Facebook post;

Thank you to EVERYONE who wish me a happy birthday!! You really know how to make a gal geel special! Especially thank you for all the gifts you have given me! Now, can someone tell me how to use this cockring???

A funny video..

Wife is giving husband a handjob and as she keeps rubbing harder..harder...& faster and a genie pops out of his prick! Genie grants wife one wish ...
She asks to make her husband to be more in touch w/ his femine side!!




A video of me rapping hard about the items at Hobby Lobby